Candidates in English Buddhist studies, site development media compile Dr teacher monk Zen master

Candidates in English Buddhist studies, site development media compile Dr teacher monk Zen master; formerly a Guangzhou
Any full-time teachers, a national key university in Hong Kong and Shenzhen international metropolis full-time Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor,
Family of permanent residence: North America, the interview will provide original research and teaching experience in a large number of documents and other information.
Nearly 30 years of Buddhist training, unmarried girlfriend lifelong Boys invited to e-mail, do the online

● Research, listening and reading, thinking its meaning, accept and uphold, as a practice, for others …
By France as a teacher, and precepts for the teacher, the English Version and Translation of the original Buddhist Pali Sacred Nike Ye: five of the Theravada Dhamma (the corresponding long, incremental, small); the Chinese tradition of Agama by (Miscellaneous, long, medium and growth One), the Pure Land of the Five Classics and pharmacists: by Buddha Eightfold Path, Four Noble Truths by, the five aggregates emptiness by the breath chanting loudly recited at by mindfulness by constantly by , France by the sea, Eight fasting upon by quit Germany Hong big as Nirvana Sutra; law-fifth quarter of the law.
● Electronic Buddhist Scriptures Buddhist website development training
Had in China, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the University and the company for the MSE and MBA and other students and network company employees vocational training, in both Chinese and English bilingual speech or teach too: computer English, IELTS and the GRE, the TOEFL; SAS and SPSS financial measurement and the number of management statistics. data mining business intelligence, management information systems, cloud computing, development of e-commerce website and Spring STS and the Eclipse open source development tools, UML object-oriented systems analysis design, the Scala / Java functional and object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, algorithm development, ScrumWorks agile, limits and unified development project management, software engineering, Oracle and MySQL database.
● Electronic Buddhist Scriptures has managed multi-lingual multimedia Buddhist website development project is compiled
Buddha with the read to the heroes Han Bali Language Multimedia Library
Xiangqun North American and Asian Buddhist Vihara temple history

Xiangqun 6 translation Bali corresponding Ministry Samyuktagama legal possession of
Bali corresponding long the Ministry of Vinaya Xiangqun multilingual comparison training
Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path Xiangqun meditation and insight meditation network dojo

Xiangqun Theravada Nike Ye Han Chuan Agama Dhamma
Original Buddhism English Translation Bali Sacred Xiangqun scripture library
● Electronic Buddhist religious site cloud service development

Google ® Plugin for Eclipse 3.7, GWT 2.3, the App Engine, AdSense, the Chrome OS;

VMware ® Player, STS scala / java IDE, Cloud Foundry; Cloudbees Toolkit;

The Lab of the UML; Extraction is the Lift, the AJAX, Structs; Oracle ® JDK 7, OpenOffice, MySQL;

IBM ® SPSS, the Eclipse IDE for the scala / java MyEclipse for the Spring; SAS ® 9.2;

JOONE; JGAP; JDMP; Knime; Weka; Mallet; LibSVM; ScrumWorks + XP + RUP.
● language skills
1991 CET examination certificate, English vocabulary: 50000, proficient in financial software and religion, English;
English communication and e-commerce on the Internet, the speed of English and Chinese – English translation: five thousand words / day (-time);
Modern American English: Fluent in English comfortably, five-stroke plus Pinyin speed: 50 words per minute;
Dr.eye 8.0 Transtar Hurricane translated family, Orient Express, the IBM translator, Han, Translator; Sogou five fight;
Native language – Chinese, Chinese, Mandarin Mandarin: fluent in words of Cantonese in Hong Kong: Good, second language: French general reading and writing level.
● Education
Master 1990-1993 Northeast University of Finance and Information Department (Dalian, China)
University 1982-1986 Department of Computer Science, Nankai University (Tianjin, China)

● Best Contact

Google account e-mail:; mobile phone (+86) 13316583001
Please refer to North America web site


About Xiangqun

ENGLISH-CHINESE MULTIMEDIA WEB & ZEN MASTER,COMPILER,TEACHER BASIC INFO Name:Xiangqun Home:America English,Chinese Level:Website & Media Columnist CAREER OBJECTIVE English-Chinese Web Software Designer,Editor,Translator,instructor Seeking a Both Full-Time And Part-Time job in the Social Services & Buddhism field. For all the suitable jobs I can get to work Immediately. 應聘中英文佛典比較研究,多媒體網站設計編譯教師禪師;原為中國廣州某全 國重點大學專職教師,後在港深國際大都市任專職高級研究員和兼職教授,家 庭永久居住地:北美,面試時將提供研究教學經驗的大量證件等資料原件,20 多年佛法比較研修,未婚終身童男,請來電子郵件,不要只在網站上留言回復 ●研究,聽讀,思維其義,受持,如說修行,為他人說… 以經法為師,以戒律為師,英譯,漢譯和巴利文原始佛教尼柯耶聖典:南傳上座部五部正法(相應,長,中,增支,小);漢傳四阿含經(雜,長,中,增壹):佛說八正道經,四諦經,五蘊皆空經,入出息念經,大念處經,念處經,不斷經,法海經,八關齋經,戒德香經,大般涅槃經,七知經,法印經,應法經,佛遺教經,伏淫經,玉耶女經;五分律,四分律...... ●資料採擷預測演算法雲交易網站開發培訓 曾在中國深圳和廣州的大學,培訓中心和公司為MSE,MBA和MFE學生,公司員工職業培訓,以中英文雙語演講或講授過:向群網站雲%E
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